General Insurance

Cash in safe
This policy protects against loss of cash, cheques or other monetary notes belonging to the insured (and stored in a locked secure safe) due to burglary by forcible breaking and/or hold-up.

Cash in transit
This policy protects against any act of violence or hold-up committed against the insured's employees on cash, cheques and monetary notes belonging to the insured during transportation from the location of the insured, to banks and other firms; and vice versa within Lebanese territories without interruption.

This type of insurance covers losses due to moral misconduct by the insured’s employees such as fraud, theft, forgery and dishonesty.

Legal liability of the insured towards ‘third party’ for bodily injury and property damage arising out of any accident that occurs to the third party whilst within the boundary and immediate vicinity of the place of work.

This form of liability insurance helps protect professional advice and services, protecting individuals and companies from having to bear the full legal fees against a negligence claim made by a client, and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit. 

This type of insurance provides compensation in the event of injury ,disability, or death caused solely by external and violent incidents.

This type of insurance covers death, disability and bodily injuries of employees, that occurred due to workplace accidents.

This type of insurance covers accidental breaks of glass while situated within the insured's premises.

This type of insurance covers risks caused by political violent acts that cause damages such as sabotage.

This type of insurance covers legal liability of the insured against their employees’ work-related accidents that cause demise, illness or bodily injuries.

This type of insurance covers the insured’s jewelry losses or damages in case of theft or robbery.